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Taste of the mediterranean every day

I bumped into Agora Greek Products while wandering around the Boutique Fairs and just looking at the all the fantastic classic products brought me back to my trip to Greece, Athens where the food was simply outstanding. There was just gorgeous seafood and fresh veggies grilled in high-quality olive oil everywhere! I even became a fan of olives that I was so sure was vile in the past.

Therefore I decided to meet the Founder, Evita Sideri to find out more about her brand! She is a dedicated woman who pays utmost attention to the details of her products from packaging labels to storage. It was quite a treat to learn about the process that goes behind these crafted products.

Agora Products surely brings the outstanding Greek quality and tradition to your table and home for a bit of the Mediterranean every day. Evita works with talented and reliable producers and designers to develop an outstanding selection of fine foods and luxury goods.

She has a fantastic range of products to offer from extra virgin olive oil, olives, truffle products, honey, tea, stuffed vine leaves, figs, balsamic vinegar, sweet vinegar and herbs.

Lia Premium Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil In A White Bottle – Best Seller

Lia Premium Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil is one of their superstar product. It has exceptional taste, flavour and features which is only achieved due to reason of the painstaking efforts that takes place during the whole production process from cultivation to storage. LIA EVOO is from a single variety (Koroneiki) and single estate in the Messinia region of Greece. It is a cold-pressed, low-acidity extra virgin olive oil of excellent quality, whose special features comprise a combination of a fruity, bitter and pungent taste and flavour. Hence it pairs well with mild foods, fish, salads, white meat, grilled vegetables or in a vinaigrette.

Olives and Spices

Salts & Flavoured Salts

Salt Odyssey Greek Sea Salts

Lentils and Figs 

All in all Agora Products caters to everyone for their everyday. Most of their products are gluten-free, vegan-friendly and organic which means score for all the health nuts out there! Agora Products have an extended range of products and if you want to know more about their other products, head on over to Agora Products and RedMart!