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Meet Victoria McKellar, Co-Founder of Akesi, paving the way for good health with Bio-Fermented Tonics and Probiotic+ Powders. Her line of health products provides billions of diverse and beneficial strains to strengthen your immune system. What better time to learn about gut health and immune system then now in our current health crisis. Read on to find out how she began her journey and business in the wellness sphere.

About Akesi 

We are a probiotic company and believe in the importance of nurturing good gut health. Co-Founder Dr Elizabeth Biggs and I wanted to create a wellness brand that people could identify with, and provide a platform to educate people in the area of fermentation and probiotics. 

We currently sell two Probiotic+ Powders, two potent Bio-Fermented Tonics and one delicious family-favourite Bio-Fermented Spritzer. 

How did you come up with the idea for Akesi? 

My health journey was my inspiration behind forming Akesi. I had a lucky escape with a thyroid tumour over eight years ago, which led me down the holistic wellness path. This, compounded by my third child being born prematurely and developing necrotizing enterocolitis. It then led me to research the importance of the microbiome enthusiastically and to search for ways to help my tiny baby and my entire family. 

Did you start the venture alone? 

No, I co-founded Akesi with Elizabeth. Elizabeth and I first became friends when our eldest children began preschool. We shared complimentary views and realized there was a better way to improve the health of ourselves and our families. 

We have since taken on roles within Akesi that play to our individual strengths while still maintaining a respectful and empathetic friendship as well as partnership. 

What was the hardest part in the early stages of the company’s growth? 

Time management – adding on setting up and running a business to my role as full-time mum required changes in how my household operated. It’s a juggle managing the needs of myself, my company, my husband and my children, but over time I have become better at wearing different hats. 

Do you think luck played a role in the success of Akesi? 

I don’t believe in luck. I am sure there are many quotes out there saying something along the lines of preparation and opportunity form your luck. In some ways, my past experiences, whether that be my health journey, my career, my upbringing, for example, led me to where I am today. I’m a big believer in giving everything a go as well as I can. I’m not afraid of failing, but I am afraid of not wanting to try. 

How has the health industry changes in the last year? 

The health and fitness wave has been around for a while now but what is catching up is the importance of functional medicine – finding the root cause. This almost always leads people to review their gut health. We have definitely seen an increase in the number of customers acutely concerned about their digestive health. 

What advice would you give to a health company just starting their business online? 

It starts with a great idea. Then research, research, research. Seek professional guidance, connect with people, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Then, the only thing left is to back yourself, and just do it! 

We hope you enjoyed it and we thank Victoria McKellar for this interesting interview.

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