Behind The Lens #107: Digital Artist and Photographer Ahmad Almalki

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Meet Ahmad Almalki, a digital artist and photographer based in Saudi Arabia. Ahmad has been working in the industry for seven years and have worked with brands such as Coca Cola, Honor phone and Spark to produce fantastic looking advertisements. His photographs spark inspiration and depth. Read on to find out more about his work and journey!

What did you do in college?

I left college and focused on photography because I thought I would become something in the future.

What are the things that matter to you the most?

Of course, my family is my first concern. I am also always wondering about how to create new photos and videos that are unique.

What does a typical day in your week look like?

I almost shoot daily. Most of which are advertisements and most of them are collaborations. When I have nothing to do, I go to my friends and play some music because I like music. I play the guitar, piano and DJ and make some tunes. I have four songs for now, But I do not want to show this to the people because most of what I do is Western and not Arabic, so they don’t give me attention.

Are there key people or books that have moulded you?

The camera is what made me the way I am now because when I saw the first picture, I was curious to know more about it, and I did.

Tell us the story behind your favourite picture?

When I felt frustrated that there was not enough support for me, I said to myself, I will show this world what is going on in my mind when I’m broken, and you are indifferent to what I do so I put the whale next to me because he is alone like me.

Where do you see yourself in the future?

I don’t know yet because I’m swimming in the space of full ideas. I’ve made some achievements that I want, like making people when they see any picture of my pictures they know that it’s me who did it and I want to make my name as a brand, not just a regular photographer, and I work with a lot of big companies.

We hope you enjoyed it and we thank Ahmad Almalki for this interesting interview.

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Instagram: @minimediasg

Read the Behind The Lens Series on minimediasg

@minimediasg | #minimediasg