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Meet Amber and Danny, a travel couple and content creators based in Los Angeles. They share their adventures on their social platform that are inspiring and beautiful. Read on to find out more about their work and journey!

What did you both do in university?

Amber: I’ve had quite the journey with University, and I still haven’t finished. I first started going for nursing, but about two years into that, I realized I had a passion for acting. I then moved from a tiny town in Michigan to Los Angeles, California, to go to acting school. Then I took a small break from college and eventually decided to finish a degree in Communications.

Danny: I moved to San Francisco from Rome, Italy, for college. I graduated with a degree in Communications and Graphic Design. I ended up working in advertising for a little while before deciding to pack up my bags and move to LA to pursue acting. I had taken a class in college and fell in love with it, and before moving to LA, I went to a 2-year private acting school in San Francisco.

What are the things that matter to both of you the most?

Both: We really cherish our families. They mean everything to us, and we don’t know what we would do without them. We both talk to our respective parents about two or three times a week. They are always there for us, and we can talk to them about anything. We also both love our pets and any animal really. We have a Toy Goldendoodle named Paddington and a Tuxedo Cat named Kora that we call “the kids”. They are our children, and we love them like so.

What does a typical day in both your week look like?

Both: Right now, we are in lockdown with the whole state of California because of COVID-19. In the morning, I (Amber) work from home for a few hours. My hours were cut significantly due to the pandemic. So, after work, I usually tan by the pool and then come inside and get to work on our Instagram. I often edit photos, plan our feed, make stories, and also research either photography or bucket list destinations. Once I am out of working mode, I hang out with Danny. Danny has all the free time in the world right now, so he spends his time reading, or going for the occasional run in our neighbourhood. Also, having all this downtime has been nice as it’s allowed us to cook together more than we were before we went on lockdown as our schedules were quite different!

Are there key people or books that have molded both of you?

Danny: One of my all-time favourite books is, The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho. I love the story to its core and could re-read that book once a month if I wanted to! As for key people, I have a few role models, and all share a common theme. They came from nothing and worked insanely hard for everything they now have in life. In essence, these people are my father, Robert Duvall (a legendary American actor), and Conor McGregor (the UFC superstar).

Amber: I would say that my parents have moulded me by raising me to be an independent woman who works hard for what she wants. The book The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman has also had a significant impact on who I am. This book has not only helped Danny and I’s relationship, but it has helped me understand my family better and my friends better as well. If you are an extrovert or want to build a deeper connection to people / understand people better, I recommend this book 100%.

Tell us something we don’t know about the creator’s work?

Both: Being a content creator is HARD-WORK! You must be fully dedicated and treat it as a job if you want to succeed. When we first started creating content, we didn’t know it would take so much effort, but it does. One thing we wished someone would have told us is to create a balance between being business partners with your significant other and being lovers. They say not to mix business and pleasure for a reason, and creating content can cause a lot of unnecessary stress, especially if you both have different visions for the content or edits of a photo. Figure out an equal medium, and trust one another.

What is your favourite destination and why?

Both: Our favourite destination so far is Tulum, Mexico. When we went, it was not only full of culture, but it was gorgeous. There are old Mayan Ruins you can tour, and also cenotes that you can swim in. Not only are the views beautiful, but the cuisine is delicious. We stayed at an all-inclusive resort and ate so much food we could explode! We also went to a fancy restaurant (which is just as much as a typical restaurant here in the USA), and they had the most amazing Baked Alaska. To this day, it was the best dessert we have ever had!

Where do you see yourself in the future?

Both: Ideally, we will be supporting ourselves financially through our Instagram account, be it through paid partnerships, sponsored trips, and so forth. Our vision is to travel the world and enjoy every moment of it while still getting paid to do so! One day we would like to start a family of our own, and be able to afford a beautiful house with a big back yard so that Paddington can be free to run around whenever he wants!

We hope you enjoyed it and we thank Amber and Danny for this interesting interview.

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