Behind The Lens #4: 19 Year Old Ethical Fashion Blogger Tolmeia Gregory

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Read the Behind The Lens Series on minimediasg @minimediasg | #minimediasg Tolmeia Gregory, who is also known as Tolly Dolly Posh Fashion, is a sustainable fashion activist from the United Kingdom. Her mission is to help inspire the younger generation to become more conscious and care for their planet. She raises her concerns about fast fashion and is motivating others to become more confident in themselves. Her work has reached the masses, and she has been featured in Refinery29 UKTelegraphBBC RadioGlamour and more. She is a strong spirit and read on to find out more. 

What are you doing in college?

I’m not actually in college. I’m self-employed with my illustration and animation work and haven’t really ever wanted to pursue going to university. I’d definitely consider it as something to do at a later stage but right now, it’s not the path I’ve taken.

What are the things that matter to you the most?

Family is definitely most important to me! I’m very close with my direct family, so, it’s always going to be something I hold closely. In the past year though, I’ve also found a community outside of my familial circle and it’s been such a wonderful thing to experience for the first time. It’s like a second family! And it makes it even better when you take into account how I found it – through a common belief that we should be taking steps to demand climate action and justice. 

What does a typical day in your week look like?

It really differs depending on what work I have going on! Sometimes I won’t have many projects to focus on so I’ll be focusing on myself and my personal life and sometimes you’ll find me in a café everyday working on new briefs. 
Every Tuesday evening you’ll find me at my local Extinction Rebellion group meeting though – unless I’m ill or away, that’s one thing that never changes. 

Are there key people or books that have moulded you?

I can’t think of anything that particularly stands out. I find it hard to choose just one of anything when it comes to these sorts of questions because of course, we’re all moulded by many different elements of different people, books, experiences and more. I like to think I’ve been inspired by more than just one person and more than just one book. 

Tell us something we don’t know about the creator’s work?

In terms of my illustration work, I’m self-taught and still do all of my graphic design work on fairly old versions of Adobe Creative Suite. It’s all very basic but I’m proud of what I’ve managed to achieve, using the tools that I have. It’s not all about having the newest tech – it’s about working with what you have! In terms of my blog and Instagram… I’d say it’s that up until last year, almost all photo shoots were done by just myself and my dad. It was a bit of a family project in that sense; I taught him well!

How has Instagram impacted your sustainable fashion movement?​

It’s helped me understand the complexities of the issue and find people who are offering up their time to break it all down. It’s helped me broaden the sorts of people I follow, ensuring that my feed and following are diverse and not shot through one specific lens. We can’t just look at sustainability from a privileged, white perspective. We have to look at inclusion and accessibility across the spectrum. Instagram can be great for that, so long as you take the time to actually commit and support those doing the good work.

Where do you see yourself in the future?

With the current state of the world and its climate, I really don’t think I can see. I’m learning to embrace the flow and natural progression of life. What will happen will happen and what’s meant to be for me, will be. We hope you enjoyed it and we thank Tolmeia Gregory for this interesting interview. Find and Follow Tolmeia Gregory Website: Tolly Dolly Posh Fashion Instagram: @tollydollyposh Facebook: Tolly Dolly Posh YouTube: Tolly Gregory

Instagram: @minimediasg

Read the Behind The Lens Series on minimediasg @minimediasg | #minimediasg
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Instagram: @minimediasg

Read the Behind The Lens Series on minimediasg @minimediasg | #minimediasg