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Meet Manon van Os & Bram School who run the blog, Flip Flop Wanderers. They are a travel couple whose blog is catered towards those who are looking to travel long term in the pursuit of happiness. They want to spread the message of love and joy by looking at the inner self and the beautiful world around one. If you are into ‘slow travel’, they are the ones to reach out to. Find out more about their journey in this interview. 

What did you both do in university?

Manon has a bachelor degree in pedagogy, a study to help/teach children with special needs. Bram has a bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering and used to design all kinds of machinery.

What are the things that matter to both of you the most?

One thing we are both really into is traveling the world and photography.

What does a typical day in both your week look like?

We are at home now for a little while, but we traveled full time for 3 years. A typical day was waking up before sunrise to shoot at amazing locations. Explore some more during the day, sometimes have a rest on the beach or such. In the evening we would go for another shoot with sunset. After some dinner, we would go back to our accommodation to work on blogs, edit photos and be active on our social media channels.

Are there key people or books that have molded both of you?

I think we are more molded by the experiences we had and the people we met than by books or specific people. We like to make our own tracks and see where that will take us.

Tell us something we don’t know about the creator’s work?

As we told you above how a typical day looks like it is pretty full-on. The things we share are always the best photos and the best experiences so it might look like we are the perfect couple with the perfect life. But the reality is that it’s hard work, we make more hours than in a corporate job and there are many uncertainties. There is no steady income, we live by day to day and that can be really tough. It’s way harder than we make it look like.

How has your experience as a couple been creating content on social media?

We started out with Instagram just to show our passion for photography, mainly for family and friends. When we grew in that the number of followers grew with us and at some point, we realized we could do more with it. We thought that someday we could have 10.000 followers and that would be insane. Today we have 115.000 followers and it feels really special that so many people are interested to follow our path in chasing our dreams.

Where do you see yourself in the future?

Travel is our passion, and we always want to keep doing so. We’ve traveled a lot without a home base, and that’s something we missed so far. So in the future, we hope to base ourselves on a nice tropical island where we can come back to in between our travels. We like to keep inspiring people with our experiences and maybe share our experiences in blogging and photography.

We hope you enjoyed it and we thank Manon van Os & Bram School for this interesting interview.

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Instagram: @minimediasg

Read the Behind The Lens Series on minimediasg

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