Behind The Lens #3: Food Blogger Lily Morello

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Meet Lily Morello, a foodie content creator based in San Fransisco. She does everything from cooking, food styling and photography to copywriting and art management. Read on to find out about how she does it all.

What did you do in college?

I majored in English at the University of California, Berkeley.

What are the things that matter to you the most?

Mental health for myself and my loved ones. I also value being a part of a community that values diversity and honesty.

What does a typical day in your week look like?

I don’t really have typical days but most days involve corresponding with potential clients and brand partners, planning out content for my Instagram account, and cooking/shooting that content.

Tell us something we don’t know about the creator’s work?

Most people who follow me on Instagram already know this but new people still seem surprised that I shoot all my content and edit all my photos on my iPhone. Sometimes I think I should upgrade to using a real camera but I’m also determined to send a message that people don’t need a bunch of fancy photography equipment to create good content. It’s much more about figuring out a visual story or a personal style that you want to share out there and being clever about how to accomplish it.

What is your favourite recipe from your blog?

I guess it’s my mashed potatoes on toast recipe because it captures a few different things that are important to me and my style of cooking. First, it uses leftovers because I am always encouraging people to find ways to reinvent their leftovers and reduce food waste. Second, it incorporates Malaysian-style half-boiled eggs in a unique way. This style of eggs is very iconic to my childhood (I’m Malaysian Chinese American) but most people I’ve encountered outside of Malaysia are unfamiliar with them. Recipes that pull from a memory of my childhood but present a new concept to my audience are the ones I am most proud of.

We hope you enjoyed it and we thank Lily Morello for this interesting interview.

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Instagram: @minimediasg

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