Behind The Lens #16: Jessica Carrie Lee

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Meet Jessica Carrie Lee, a fashion, beauty and lifestyle content creator based in California. She is positive and has a bubbly personality that shines through her platforms. We got the opportunity to connect and learn more about her. Read on to find out more!

What are you doing in college?

I’m a third year at UCLA studying Political Science.

What are the things that matter to you the most?

Charity work, family, animal rights, and homelessness! I worked for a pro-bono law firm and consulted with them to support unlawfully evicted tenants / homeless.

What does a typical day in your week look like?

I wake up, work for a bit on my laptop, go to class for a few hours, get ready for an evening blogger event, eat dinner, and sleep! I’m pretty busy everyday, either studying, shooting, networking, or working.

Are there key people or books that have moulded you?

My parents for sure! My environment growing up in the Bay Area also really shaped me.

Tell us something we don’t know about the creator’s work?

All my photos are shot by my business partner, photographer, and boyfriend @skyeeezy so it’s easier for me to do shoots. I don’t have a manager or agency though, so all the contracts etc. go through me!

What made you decide to pursue social media?

I like interacting with new people, and someday I want to use my platform to really change people’s lives!

Where do you yourself in the future?

I want to be the CEO of a large company (preferably my own!)

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We hope you enjoyed it and we thank Jessica Carrie Lee for this interesting interview.

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