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Meet Jasmine and Bevan, a lovely millennial couple and travel inspirers from Australia. They run a travel and lifestyle blog called ‘The Travel Quandary’ dedicated to travelers who are curious and open minded. They share insights and guides to those looking to explore destinations. Read on to learn more about their journey.

What did you do at university?

Bevan studied Marketing and I (Jasmine) did a dual Commerce/Arts degree. 

What are the things that matter the most to you both?

Excellent coffee and being close to the beach. It’s important that we spend quality time together and with the people who are important in our lives.

What does a typical day look like for you both?

We both work office jobs from Monday to Friday. Bevan usually has several meetings throughout the week as he managers a few project teams, whilst Jasmine is usually generating reports for data analysis for decision making at both a financial and operational level. During the evenings and the weekend, we focus our time and energy on our travel blog, The Travel Quandary. Tasks include can writing narratives, reaching out to brands to collaborate, shooting content and editing photos or videos.

Are there key people or books that have moulded you?

Bevan: My inspiration to travel was sparked by my gap year in Canada. This experience was key in igniting my passion to see the world. Movies like the Secret Life of Walter Mitty, also appeal to my wanderlust.

Jasmine: I’m a keen reader and my book list is never-ending. Some favourites include How To Win Friends and Influence People (Dale Carnegie), Shantaram (Gregory David Roberts), Do Less Get More (Shaa Wasmund) and the classic, The Art of Travel (Alain de Botton).

Tell us something we don’t know about your work?

We are huge coffee lovers and so we have made a concentrated effort to write detailed coffee guides for cities around the world. We plan to travel to South America next year and hope to include some coffee experiences over there.

Describe your experience as a couple creating content on social media channels.

It can be difficult because we juggle our creative pursuits with our full time jobs. We often have disagreements because we sometimes see things from different creative perspectives. We have also been guilty of visiting places simply because we’ve seen in on Instagram but we are focusing on not letting Instagram dictate where we travel to and the content that we create. We want to ensure that we are being creative because we feel a desire to, not for popularity or fame.

Where do you see yourself in the future?

Long term, we plan to settle in Australia but until that time, the world is our oyster!

We hope you enjoyed it and we thank Jasmine & Bevan for this interesting interview.

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