It was a delight to discover Scent By Six at the Boutique Fairs Singapore. As an artisanal fragrance label, SIX was made in collaboration with world-renowned perfumers, and is an all local brand! The brand debuted a collection in July 2016, by the founder Jason Lee. It arose from his favourite travel destinations, New York City, Boracay and Hokkaido.

The first is 123 TRIBECA, which is a fragrance formulated in Singapore. It is an intense blend which consists of petitgrain, jasmine, rosemary and Brazilian rosewood.

123 TRIBECA – The sexy tattoo of the Big Apple.
Both inspiring and exciting, this scent pulsates with the heartbeat of a sought-after zip code: from dingy subways to edgy art galleries and hidden bars.

The second is 1724 PUKA which is a fragrance formulated in the UK. It is a lively scent made up of lemon, orange peel, bergamot, musk and green tea.

1724 PUKA – An essence of foreplay.
Puka, the stretch of marzipan-white beach in Boracay urges a steamy overture. Whispering sweet-nothings feels oh so good – a prelude to the anticipation of what’s to come.

The third is 27˚F Biei, which consist of notes of orange blossom, lavender and Bulgarian rose. Biei is a town located in the Kamikawa district in Hokkaido and is unique for its gently rolling hills of lavender and green tea.

27˚F Biei – A ritual to the heart of the soul.
Now that the journey has made its mark on you; transformed and moving with grace, the once volcanic soul within has risen like incense to meet the answers – of the longest prayer ever prayed.

How’s It Made?

When I think of perfumes, I think of the ingredients. As an individual with sensitive skin, I often ponder if scents do work well with my skin, if they contain safe ingredients, and the list goes on. I had a chat with Jason Lee, the founder and he went on to explain with depth how his perfume is crafted with the most premium ingredients that are sourced responsibly. They are distilled in the UK and Singapore and comprises an exquisite palate of oils and absolutes as a result of stringent techniques.

Story of the FOUNDER

After spending four years at world-renowned fragrance house, Givaudan, Jason Lee is an expert in his field who has contributed to the development of these amazing scents. Through my interview, I realised that Jason Lee is more of a storyteller and decided he was going to tell his travel stories through his knowledge on perfumery. His passion also lies in racing making him a multi-passionate entrepreneur!

Genderless Scents and Travel Friendly

A few other things that make SIX unique is the fact that their scents are genderless. Jason Lee believes each of his fragrances can be worn by both male and female. Furthermore, the scents also come in travel sizes which makes it convenient for frequent flyers who are looking to save space! All in all SIX is a beautiful product with smart design equipped for just about anyone who wishes to reflect their personality through the interpretation of the scents.

Both SIX Fine Fragrances and Home Fragrances retail at Trixilini at Scotts Square (6 Scotts Road,#03-08/09), The Redundant Shop (9 Raffles Boulevard, #01-71/72) and Yacht 21 at Plaza Singapura (68 Orchard Road, #03-41) or online.