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Ancient herbs the modern way with Tily Tea traditional tonic tea blends

Tily Tea is the new kid in town that is sure to become the talk of the city. They are bringing back traditional Chinese medicine in a whole new way. They have come with a new collection “Morning Shine”, “Through The Day”, “Evening Calm” and “Deep Cleanse“. They are made using ingredients usually found in Chinese herbal soups and medicine. The founders have added a modern twist to it to make it taste fantastic and ideal for the sophisticated palate. The tea blends are also beautifully packaged which are unconventional and incredibly alluring.

The Science behind Tily Tea

With its wide range of medicinal properties it is no wonder that herbal teas have been drunk by the Chinese ancient Egyptians and even moms from the Roman empire for millennia. The infusion of herbs from Traditional Chinese Medicine is a unique character and combining with dried fruits and flowers. It is the main reason why a cup of Tily Tea tastes different to regular herbal teas.

Tily Tea is completely uncompromising in it’s pursuit and standard of being 100% natural. Herbal infusions have by nature a very light taste and so many commercial tea brands still rely to some extent on adding aromas and flavorings to boost the taste profile of their herbal blends.

They are strongly against that and is instead 100% Natural, 100% free from artificial flavours,100% free from added sugars and 100% free from preservatives.

Nature is their scientist and their science is to be natural. Tily’s teas are as light as nature intended and instead we rely only on the unique combinations of Roots, Fruits and Flowers to develop complex and yet light and aromatic taste profiles.

Our Role

We did some research and found that Tily Tea targets the urbanites, traditional and non-traditional tea drinkers, baby boomers and the health conscious, offering a healthy and trendy drink. Tily Tea has several distinguishing features including their unique blends and quality of tea that consist of healing properties. Our goal was to gain brand awareness and sales across the city. As well as to promote healthy living by drinking tonic teas.

We know their audience. Knowing your audience is the only way you will engage with them. The best way for this is creating personas. Knowing what life stage they are in, if they’re employed, what their interests are etc. will certainly help you when creating content.

We then implemented effective strategies to reach out to their target market and increased leads and sales conversions for Tily Tea.